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The Le Paws Agency is currently looking for new four legged friends to represent in print, T.V., music videos, commercials and film. If you are interested in how to register and work, please type in your zip code above.


We receive hundreds of calls monthly from loving pet owners asking how to get their animals into acting. Of course, every pet owner has the greatest dog, the cutest dog, the smartest dog and the best-trained dog, but can your dog act on set? Is he “Set Ready”?

You don’t have to own the BEST-trained dog to have a dog that can work. The dogs that possess social skills, a desire to please and good attention have the best chances of working on set. We can help you determine if your dog would be a good candidate for acting or print work.

Send us your information by filling in the form below.

If you are a non-California resident, click here.