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The Le Paws Agency is currently looking for new four legged friends to represent in print, T.V., music videos, commercials and film. If you are interested in how to register and work, please type in your zip code above.

About the Agency

Le PAWS, a professional Pet Talent Agency, offers you, the public, an opportunity to see your dog working in a commercial, working on a Feature Film, doing a T.V. show or a Print Ad Campaign. Up until now, this market was NOT open to the average pet owner. We are pioneering a path for the average pet lover to work with their pet on set, have fun and of course make some money!We work with production companies and industry professionals, who seek studio trained dogs daily, for all types of projects. With our vast dog talent registry, we help fulfill the needs of most productions, from background work to full principal dog jobs, including print and advertising campaigns. Production might even hire you, the loving owner, as an extra for the day, to work with your dog on set. We want you both to have a great experience.

Le PAWS Founder History and Information

The founders of Le PAWS began working in the entertainment industry in 1996. Michelle and Stuart worked placing actors in TV, film, commercials, and print. Both Michelle and Stuart encountered families wanting to know how their child could have fun in entertainment. Michelle and Stuart began helping all children, ages 6 to 16, and gave them the opportunity to participate on set. Today most of the children seen on TV, in film, in commercials and in print ads are those same everyday types of children. Michelle and Stuart opened the door, providing a short cut method for all children to work. That stimulated the market, more jobs became available, and as the job market opened, there was an even greater need for more children.

Today, Michelle and Stuart found hundreds of pet owners asking about how they might put their pet on TV, in commercials, in film, and in print. Pet owners watching other dogs thought, “My dog can do that,” or, “My dog is even cuter than that dog, he should be in that commercial.” Pet talent has previously been provided only by large-scale animal ranches, which are now too costly to operate efficiently. This problem alone has opened the door for individual pet owners to participate. The demand for pets in entertainment grows every year, as more and more companies use pets for advertising, in shows, and in film.

Le PAWS offers exclusive representation for our clients. Through our relationship with existing placement company’s, many simple background jobs are available to our clients. For example, dogs are required to walk on a leash in a park, to sit and stay in the kitchen, or lay down at the foot of a couch. These simple backround jobs provide a starting point. Le PAWS also works to find more complex jobs for the old-timer dogs, those who have worked background, enjoyed the experience and have been trained to do more involved roles in TV, film, and commercials.

Le PAWS, with its extensive studio-trainers, has worked hard to train the animals, but also understands the necessary emphasis on the owner being directly involved in the training process. Le PAWS understands that the animals are required to perform specialized and sophisticated commands for the entertainment industry that aren’t available in a standard obedience training class. The owners of the pet actors must be able to direct their animal on set and, therefore, must know how to instruct their pet in these specialized areas. A successful, active dog learns through training, practice, and repetition. Le PAWS hires top-notch professional Studio Trainers to carry the message, to provide the types of studio set training, agility, and story board work that is required knowledge for any animal and pet owner working in TV, film, and commercials.

Le PAWS works hard representing our animal actors and searching for those special projects. We want you, as a proud pet owner, to relax and enjoy the ride knowing that your pet will put its best paw forward. We want this to be fun for you and your family, especially the four-legged, furry members. Have you ever thought about how much time, money, and energy you have spent on your pet? Well, here is an opportunity for him to return the investment by becoming a working actor. Isn’t it about time your pet paid rent?

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