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The Le Paws Agency is currently looking for new four legged friends to represent in print, T.V., music videos, commercials and film. If you are interested in how to register and work, please type in your zip code above.

Training Animal Actors

Whether they appear in movies, a television series, or commercials, every animal actor has been trained. Any well-trained animal can be a good actor. Good acting comes from steady repetition and hard work. Animal actors must learn to perform in strange locations, in front of many people, and under hot camera lights. A skilled trainer helps animal actors overcome these difficulties.

Simply because an animal is extraordinary, does not make the animal an extraordinary actor. It is the trainer who makes the animal a star. The trainer recognizes an animal’s talents, and then works to develop them.

Dogs are the easiest to train because they have the strongest desire to please. Training bears, horses or pigs is more difficult because, unlike dogs, they do not posses the same desire to please humans. A relationship with these animals is more difficult and takes longer.

Training an animal, whether for a simple or difficult task, requires consistency and time. For instance, when teaching a new trick to a dog, a trainer/owner typically works with the dog ten to fifteen minutes a day, EVERYDAY, on that trick.

The Clicker As A Training Tool:

The Clicker The clicker is a tool that can be used as a conditional reinforcer. It makes a sound similar to a tin cricket. The clicker is an invaluable training tool because it enables you to shape behaviors that would otherwise be impossible to put on cue.

Animals become fascinated with the clicker. It’s incredibly exciting to watch them try to figure out what they did to cause the click and get the reward. Remember — the secondary or conditioned reinforcer (the clicker) represents the promise of the primary reinforcer (the food).

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